Scooby’s first walkabout on his leash this Spring

This post shows Scooby on his first walkabout on his leash this Spring!  It was a pretty nice day, and he needed some new mental and physical stimulation to keep him in shape.  He weighs 14 pounds which is ok for his size.  Zeke is featured in this post as well.  He never goes outside.  He would rather hide under the bed, but the catio is the exception as he is safe.  He spots a new visiting cat which keeps his mind occupied!

Scooby on lead

Scooby trekking through the long grass. The sun is bright

Scooby on lead

He knows where he wants to go

cat flowers

Look up and smell the flowers!

Scooby on rock

I think I may move on from here

Scooby on rock

Wonder what is over the fence?

Scooby at catio

I know this place. Who is in there?

Scooby Zeke catio

Hi Zeke!

Zeke and Scooby catio birdfeeder

Sorry Zeke, I have to go! Any birds in the bird feeder?

Opie Scooby

Scooby says, time for a rest! Opie says, why can’t I go out?

cat on fence

Zeke spots a new visiting cat. Never seen this one before. It jumps down behind the fence.

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Springtime in the catio with Scooby

This post is titled Springtime in the catio with Scooby, because it shows Scooby outside in the catio on a sunny Spring day!  What more could Scooby want?  I will tell you, he sees me outside and is excited because he wants me to bring him outside with me so he can walk about on his lead.  Sadly I am working outside and Scooby must simply watch from inside the catio.  I have no time for him now.  He struts back and forth on the upper shelf, and then begins marking the wire.  I have never seen anyone do that before.  I guess he is staking out the top shelf; but, I have bad news.  Opie spends hours sitting and sleeping on that shelf, and she will not be happy sharing it with Scooby’s spit!  The catio was built using some scrap materials, which is why it is a bit of a mish-mash.

Scoob in catio


Scooby in catio

What kind of a face is this?


Scooby in catio


Scooby marking wire catio

Opie birthday card

Happy Birthday Opie (8)!

Happy birthday Opie! You are 8 years old now! How the time flies! I remember when you were just a tiny little thing. Here are some things about Opie people may not know or may have overlooked!

1. “Opie” is short for “Opilio” which is a snow crab! When she was little, she would run amazingly sideways like a crab!

2. She is a “she” and not a “he”. Frequently referred to as “Miss Opie” like Miss Kitty in “Gunsmoke” but she was not really
a kitty.

3. She is a Maine Coon cat.

4. She is sister or step-sister of Zeke. Same mother for sure.

5. She never lived in Mayberry.

6. She is the most intelligent of all my cats. You can see it in her eyes.

7. She is the worst cat for getting matted hair! What a job!

8.  She does not like Scooby very much, but Scooby likes her!

9.  She swats at me and other humans if she does not get her way!

10.  She is a lap cat.

11.  She is a fussy eater!

Opie catio

Opie in catio with her winter fur coat

Opie in box

Look at my birthday box! Cozy!