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Frosty Monday Morning

It is a frosty Monday morning.  Scooby was insisting the window be opened so he could go outside in the catio.  He changed his mind as the chill blew through the window.  Better to just stay inside and relax.

Catio frost

Frosty Monday morning

Scooby window

I am not going out there!

Scooby sleeping

This is nice and warm here


Catio Hijinks

Catio hijinks features a rare photo of all four of my cats in the catio in one photograph.  The cats took it upon themselves to set the scene themselves.

Scooby Marigold Zeke

Scooby having a scratch

Marigold Scooby Zeke

Zeke says Opie has arrived!

Opie attacks Scooby in catio

Opie attacks Scooby when he is not looking! Whaaaaaaaa?

4 cats in caatio

Opie took Scooby’s spot on the shelf. Notice how they are watching each other. Another rare 4 cats in one photo! Clockwise from the top Opie Scooby Zeke Marigold

Scooby’s Autumn walkabout / Catio tag

This post displays two very short videos of Scooby’s Autumn walkabout, followed by some still photographs. Each video is only 38 seconds long. There is a little dog barking in both videos. He is not barking at Scooby. The dog cannot see Scooby and does not know he is there. Scooby is looking around, wondering where all that barking is coming from. You may see a white mailbox in the video on a tree stump. I am installing it for Bigfoot, so I don’t have to share my mailbox with him.

Catio Tag

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Catio Nights

This post is about catio nights.

I only let the cats out in the catio in the dark when I am awake.  When I go to sleep every one must come in.  Sometimes some coaxing is required, but all in all, they are pretty good about coming in on command.  There is a wooded area in the back of my lot, which is of great interest to the cats, because of the birds and other critters that like it out there.  Many hours is spent in surveillance.  Additionally, Scooby is the only cat that looks up to watch the airplanes flying over the house.  The other cats take no notice.  Sometimes they hang out until after sundown.  Early in the morning when I get up before sun up, they go out again.  It is primarily the boys–Scooby and Zeke–who are interested in staying out after dark.



Scooby Zeke

Scooby and Zeke

Scooby Zeke