Too Many Catio Nights!

Too many catio nights!

Scooby cat

Scooby What time is it?




    1. The days of Catio Nights will soon be over, as the temperatures drop. They don’t sit out in the cold very long, and cold drafts coming in the window are not welcomed by me either!


  1. Somehow I have been deleting the WP notices for your site. I do love me some cats and have a “few” more than you. Scooby looks to be a classic tabby and these guys are always so handsome. I’m glad you adopted him and I’m sure that you enjoy having him as your cat.

    My catio or outdoor runs( as I call them) are double fenced, with the fencing embedded in concrete. The other one at the back of my house is made of 1×2 galvanized welded wire and is inside a “hurricane” fence where there are two dogs. So I don’t worry about anything getting to them. Most of my cats are rescues from a feral colony that had to be moved or the cats were going to be destroyed. Anyway, almost all my cats are old with the exception of a few that came to my home as throw away cats since I live in an area where cats are either left behind or dumped as it is near apartments and a church.

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    1. It is probably your subconscious that is deleting me. My blog is not for everyone. I have no animal “qualifications” other than being an owner, and give no advice whatsoever. I am not selling anything. This is primarily for amusement–mostly my own! I thought I might find photo of your cat-run on your blog, but you don’t have “Search” widget to make it easy (hint hint). I will say you seem to have a lot to blog about! Sometimes I struggle! I will be following you on Bloglovin, like I follow everyone else.

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      1. Hi Greg and no I am not subconsciously deleting you. There are blogs that I find that I like and then I forget which ones are pet oriented and sometimes the titles simply do not ring a bell with me. I am not following anyone trying to sell anything other than one man in Oregon who wrote a book about dogs but he has yet to comment on my blog so after about 4-5 months I just like some of his posts but do not comment.

        I am sorry to say that someone helped me set up my blog and I am not very computer savvy. If you scroll all the way down past what posts are being shown there is supposed to be a list of all the titles. There are cat posts and stories that go back a few years. I will try to bring some of the stories forward or do some new cat posts for you. I am partial to my cats and as I type now, there are four that are on my bed and one is at my side. He is very ill and dying from lymphoma. He got chemo med for one year and is now on hemp oil sub cu fluids and B12 injections. I feed him Purina Pro Plan Trout and Rice as that is the only food that totally agrees with him. He was diagnosed 2 years ago (Oct. 2015) with lymphoma. He is my personal therapy cat. I have afib and the meds make me very tired sometimes so I spend about 50% of my time in bed.

        I don’t have a pic of my cat-run because there is a problem with finding pics that have been added to this computer. I am at a loss of what to do and sooner rather than later I hope I can find some one to help me with Windows Media on this HP. I can access some of the older pics but none of the recent ones.

        PS: My blog is not for everyone either. I have been lucky to find folks that like dogs and cats and I do always reply to ea(ch) . . . Sorry but my computer went haywire and shut me off from rambling.

        Best regards, Yvonne D.

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        1. Thanks for your comments. I deleted your last comment after editing it into your long comment before it. I am a “quid pro quo” guy with regards to likes and comments. I cannot follow everyone who follows me. Everyone I follow is on “probation” as I must “cull the herd” now and then in order to add new people I like. It’s a cruel world! I doubt people will miss me!!! You are lucky your poor sick cat has lived 2 years and importantly will still eat something. That is important. I hate cancers. I do not run Windows on my HP desktop computer. That is why I never have any problems. I am way behind visiting blogs today, so I got to go now. Thanks again for the visit, Yvonne. And do not post anything for me–just post for yourself!

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        1. Luckily Scooby was in a privately funded “no kill” shelter and not the county shelter. The good news on the county shelter is that over the years they have greatly reduced their kill percentage from most animals to very few animals.

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          1. In Germany you are only allowed to kill an animal when you have a logical reason for this. Like killing cattle for eating. Or animals which are too ill and suffer – or are suffering and the owner cannot finance a complex therapy. There is no killing an animal just because it did not find a home in a week.

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            1. Originally I did not want my cat Zeke, a kitten a neighbor found, and took him to the pound (shelter). When he got there, he made such a fuss in the carrier, the man said he was feral and would be killed that very day! I wasn’t having that and brought him back home as cat number 6 at that time. I am so glad I did keep him.

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