Wordless Wednesday (Nov 8)

Another wordless Wednesday almost.  We had our first snowfall.  Scooby was ready to go outside in the snow, but it was very cold and he changed his mind, and I had to bring him back in.

scooby in his winter gear

Scooby in his winter gear

scooby fireplace

This is better than outside says Scooby




  1. Freddie and Frankie would get a shock if it ever snowed here… I would have to fit them with snow shoes or skis to get to their litter boxes out on the deck. Love that fireplace…

    1. I normally sit right on the seat by Scooby when it is on. You see I turn it on for me and not them!!! My neighbor built a mantel for his fireplace which is identical to mine, but I know I would have cats jumping up there to roast themselves slowly over the fire if I had a mantel.

  2. You MUST enter this photo in a photo contest (or make some kind of a holiday card out of it or something!!) Scooby’s expression, the hat, EVERYTHING is to die for! This is BEYOND ADORABLE!!!!! I just love it! I pinned it and linked to you. Also, I LOVE your home, soooo cozy!

  3. Also ich kann das verstehen. Ich würde auch eher drinnen bleiben. Blacky geht immer noch sehr gerne in seinen Garten. Aber wenn er dann wieder rein kommt setzt er sich auf die Rückenlehne des Sessel. Der steht vor der warmen Heizung.
    Liebe Grüße von der kalten Ostsee
    Sandra und Blacky Fuchsberger

    1. He likes his winter gear. His fur is very short. He was out walking in the snow last year. This time, although he knew he was going outside, when he got his coat and hat on, it was not as much fun as he expected.

  4. Such a cute photo. He does not seem to be really happy about his new coat but he is tolerating it with an expression of resigned acceptance. I like your stove very much. Cats really love to sit near a place of warmth and just stare at the flickering flames.

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