Monday Morning

Monday Morning and time for our favorite live television show: Traffic and Weather.  We can never get enough of the traffic and weather–especially when we don’t have to go out into it!  So, here are Greg and Marigold in their TV positions.  I think Marigold is not interested this morning!

Greg Marigold cat

Greg and Marigold watching Traffic and Weather Monday Morning

Greg TV

Greg and Q13 Fox News Seattle

Photo Credit Q13 Fox News Seattle



  1. Frankie and Freddie and I are very familiar with that couch position. Usually watching Adam 12 (1970s TV show) on local station… the cats favorite show right after lunch!

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      1. Yes, the difference is jarring. But it’s also fun to see the streets of LA back then and try to figure out what neighborhood they are in… although the number of scenes that were so obviously shot on the studio lot is very annoying… wouldn’t happen today!

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  2. marigold; we heer ya…if ya due knot hafta sitz in trafficz for 4.9 hourz waitin on one red lite N hopin de heaterz doez knot go out in de car coz it minuz 34 out doorz…for sure stay in……yur N dadz foto rocks !! 🙂 ♥♥

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