What day is it? EVERYDAY!

What day is it? EVERYDAY! X’ing off the days on the calendar has never been more important! I wonder if the cats know the difference? I think they notice the changes in the weather. First we had unseasonable hot weather to suffer through, and then we had wildfire smoke to breathe, and now today the typical Pacific Northwest constant rain falling down cleaning everything. The cats still lie about and try to find something to do but mostly it is sleep.

Opie and toys
Opie and some toys
Scooby catching a few rays
Zeke zonked out!
Scooby in his bug out bag
Watching TV
Greg signature block small
signature greg

The Visiting Cat

The Visiting Cat is a view of a local cat who has been frequently visiting our house. He has been around for several years, but I don’t know where he lives. Life here is very quiet. The Visiting Cat always gets the cats activated. Where is Opie you may well ask? Opie spends her day in her bedroom on the second floor on the windowsill looking down on the catio and backyard. She sees a lot and knows more than she is telling. She is free to come and go inside the house. Scooby likes napping out there in the catio in the fresh air.

Scooby Zeke catio
Zeke and Scooby spy the visiting cat
The visiting cat
The Visiting Cat
scooby napping in the catio
Scooby napping
Greg and Opie
OPIE says Here I AM! Ha Ha!
signature greg
Zeke breaking news

Happy 7th Blogversary!

Happy 7th Blogversary to us here on WordPress. How the time flies by. I have done many different blogs many places but this is the only one left and the blog of longest duration.Thought I would throw a few photos up today both new and old, but first a little reminiscing. When this blog began here in 2013, there were three cats: Zeke, Opie, and Marigold. October 2015 Scooby joined the gang as the fourth.

Zeke Scooby Opie Marigold
Zeke Scooby Opie Marigold

Sadly in January 2019 Marigold died and we were back to three, so in the 7 year run here, she was the only casualty for which we are very thankful. Let’s look at some new and old photos through the years here today. If you remember the old ones, you are an old timer!

Marigold Jan 2019
Scooby can’t wait for Christmas again! He misses the snow.
Scooby Zeke Christmas paper
Christmas Scooby and Zeke
Scooby dashboard
2020 Scooby: Oh no this is the Vets! I am not getting out!
Scooby new harness
2020 Scooby in new larger harness
scooby harness
2020 Scooby in new harness. Should not grow out of this!
Opie video
Opie watching bird feeder video 2020
2020 Scooby near the action
Scooby and Zeke
Scooby with banana and Zeke leaving
Opie Zeke Marigold
2013 08 14 Opie Zeke Marigold asleep on bed
Opie and tv
2013 October 14 Opie and big sandwich
zele scratcher
2014 May 19 Zeke asleep on curl scratcher
ope marigold
2014 June 20 Opie and marigold outside
scooby sleeping
Scooby first days in new home 20151011
2016 zeke
2016 Zeke
2017 Zeke
2017 Zeke
2018 greg and scooby
2018 Greg and Scooby
Scooby Greg
Scooby and Greg 2019
signature greg