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All Scooby

All Scooby. Today we see Scooby in the window; Scooby liking the big green blanket on Dad’s bed; Scooby sleeping in OPIE’s bed with her animals which makes her very angry and screaming; Scooby helping dad put together a new vacuum cleaner–Scooby likes being vacuumed (!); and finally a BONUS photo of Mt Rainier taken through a fence from a moving car–Seeing it I know we are heading home!

Scooby in the sun
Scooby in bed
Scooby in OPIE's bed
Greg and Scooby and new vacuum
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signature greg
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Back Again No Changes

We are Back Again No Changes. That was so much fun we might break for Christmas too but not today! Everyone looks kind of sleepy and fat. We so look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas but they never measure up to the holidays of the past with so many friends and family around who are now gone. I count the years by Christmas’s. Will we all make it to the next one in 2022 I wonder. It is a long way off. Best to make the best of the one right around the corner.

signature greg
signature greg

Hot and Furry

Hot and Furry are the photo choices for today. It has been very hot, sometimes smokey lately, and with no air conditioning a bit rough inside the house for everyone. No one is motivated but things this-coming week look much better for us. Not motivated to do much of anything since the last post. Well, what have we got today?

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signature greg

Fashionable Scooby (Summer Solstice)

Fashionable Scooby (Summer Solstice)! The sun is here! The heat is on! The fans are installed in the windows. They are all turned on. No sleeping in the sun for us. Lucky Scooby is the “short hair”! Now we are talking about the 80’s in temperature and not like our friends to the south cooking in the hundreds. Hopefully the wind won’t bring that up here to us. We are not used to that type of heat. We will all be lounging in shady spots or in front of the fans. Wish the days were shorter so the sun would not be up so very long into what should be the night. Sunday was the Summer Solstice– we had our longest day and the nights will gradually get longer and longer a few minutes every day as they count down to Christmas! Doesn’t look like I am going to be able to watch the sun at Stonehenge this year. Where did I store the Christmas tree?

Scooby in red sunglasses
Fashionable Scooby
Greg at Stonehenge
Greg at Stonehenge (1987)
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signature greg