Last Fireside Chat

Scooby Opie

Scooby Opie

This is Scooby with his first fireside chat.  Opie is assisting him on the right on the old cat tree, just to make sure he doesn’t say anything bad about her.

Scooby reports:  Dad’s got a serious case of the Monday Blues–can’t say why too personal–and the Chocolate Bunny Blues as well.  He mowed the lawn and he hates that as well.  We cats try to get him to chillax.  Don’t want a heart attack. Knew he shouldn’t have eaten the whole chocolate rabbit at once on Easter!  I am famous here for gorging on all the cat food until I vomit it out!  Then five minutes later I complain that I am hungry again!  I say this is the last fireside chat because the warmer weather is arriving and we won’t be needing the fireplace any more until summer is over.  Every one has been amazingly well here at the Feline Cafe.  However, Marigold who will soon be turning 15 has the beginnings of kidney disease, so we all know what is going to be ahead for her in the future.  The other cats are all 8 years old but not for long as some birthdays are coming.  I just want to say that I love Opie up there on the cat tree.  Why doesn’t she love me?  Everyone wants love and to be loved by someone.  Why is it so hard to find someone to love you, that you can love back?  Is it too much to wish for?

Opie is giving me the wrap it up signal.  So have a good week all you kitties out there.  Sit in the windows or go outside if you can, and find some sun.

Scooby xxx



  1. Hey Scoobie,
    The Tribe of Five love fireside chats (and fireside naps) and since we seem to be having ‘third winter” in our neck of the woods, our fireplace is still getting a work out.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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  2. I no longer eat chocolate bunnies… too cruel! But I do get my fill of Cadbury’s chocolate eggs. I won’t go into the decline in quality since Cadbury’s was bought by Hersheys… I still love the creme center eggs. I definitely get a case of the Easter Egg Blues the next day as I don’t tolerate sugar anymore (not that I ever did). My two cats are in serious like with each other…. but love? Maybe too much to expect!

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  3. Nice to see the fire and Scooby watching the flames. Cats love looking at flames. Must be soothing to them. And they really love the warmth too.

    I hope things begin looking up for you. Down days are the pits. I can identify with that. Too much going on sometimes. Worry about my cats really puts me in a bad mood.

    About the 15 year old cat with renal failure. I now have 7 cats all on KD but it does not take much to satisfy their hunger because it is rich in fats- I think. It does makes a difference. I also give sub cu fluids which is not hard to do but don’t give every day. Injections of B12 can be given 2-3x weekly about 0.1ml under the skin between the shoulder blades My vet orders supplies for me and yours might do the same for you. These things really help to extend the life of your pet. I know this is un-solicited advice and I hope you are not offended.

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  4. guyz… kneadz ta hurl out all that rabbit; then him wood feel way better; well, afturr heez hurled, knot WHILE heez hurlin…. 🙂

    N pleez ta tell him ta chex out

    we wood inclood de linx… but we noe sum peepulz due knot like em on ther postz……Tanya’s been givin add vise since bak when we waz still at catster N we trust her info compleet lee ♥♥

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    1. Yes, a “live” link in your comment would have landed you in the Moderation category! I would have soon found you. I briefly looked at your link, but will look again when I have time to read through it. Cats know better than to eat chocolate rabbits. Real rabbits are a different matter!


  5. What a great post and yes everyone needs someone to love and to be loved by someone. You are most wise.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    I hope your dad feels better soon.

    Prayers for Marigold. It’s not fun going though this.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peeps. ♥

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  6. It is inevitable that we have to say goodbye, but never easy. Best wishes for an easy transition for Marigold. Fifteen is a wonderfully long life for a cat, though some get into their 20s. Having a healthy elderhood is what one wishes for any cat that makes it that far. Hugs and best wishes for a better. lighter mood.

    Enjoy Marigold, treasure Marigold, knowing your will make the loving and right decision when and if it comes down to you to decide a final solution. I know you will make the right decision because you love Marigold and your other kitties.

    I have end term kidney failure myself, and it is not fun, yet there is a medical solution for me. Though it is unlikely any time soon, there actually are artificial kidneys in development for humans.Perhaps the day will come when this easier solution for the Marigolds of the world exists in a smaller package. I hope so, and please make it affordable.

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  7. I have been outside and got soaked. My mom loves me and I love her. Sometimes I think mom needs a humans love as I know she gets lonely. Wish we lived with you we would make such a big happy family. Spike Blue Monday. xxx

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  8. Scooby you did a great job! I think Dad probably crashed after eating all of that sugar which isn’t helping his “blue” mood (we are hoping all is ok)…… for getting love in return, it will happen when you least expect it Scooby! BTW your room is sooooooooo pretty!

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