Monday Morning again

Once again Monday morning.  Even though none of us go to work, there is definitely a difference in the mood between Sunday and Monday.  I don’t know why that is.  Perhaps we are suffering from visits by the “Ghost of Mondays Past” while we were sleeping Sunday night!  Even we cats feel a change in the air on Mondays.  It seems we must all get up early and get going doing something!  What that something is is not always clear.  Zeke has decided that attending to his paw at first light is a prudent activity to begin the day, and then a bit of reading to improve his mind. Need to lick the paw to turn the pages easily.  If I had any, I think I would attend to my paws as well.  For me, Greg, it is the same old story–black coffee, traffic and weather, and then see what unfolds. . . .  How about you?

Zeke grooming paw



  1. Well, fankfully, we’re never in a real hurry to get up. Well, lessen mommy needs to avail herself of the human pawtty that is. But every meownin’s thesame…our brekky, mommy’s coffee and checkin’ our emails. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  2. The Ghost of Mondays Past. So true.

    Zeke looks a bit like me on Mondays – sprucing up before I knuckle down to work on my blog, with reference books handy. I can’t say that no longer having a day job has made much difference to my routine, apart from the fact that there’s not the same rush to get dressed of a morning.

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  3. That photo of Zeke makes him look kittenish. Due to an abundance of vacation time, we generally don’t work on Mondays. After a relaxing breakfast in front of the t.v., it’s usually a good day for errands and chores.

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  4. We don’t work , but feel the same about Mondays. I must have my coffee ( with milk) every day to function.Cute photo of Zeke.

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  5. I haven’t worked outside of the home since 2007 and I sooo know what you mean about STILL having butterflies Sunday night and dreading Mondays! I wonder why we still feel like that!

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  6. Great of photo of Zeke. I am glad to know that it is just not my own feelings about Monday being different. It might be that on the week-ends we don’t push ourselves as much. Personally, I sleep about as much as the cats and tend to be very lazy on week-ends. I have been retired for nearly eight years but I still feel Monday let downs. I equate it to being a creature of habit and those habits are very hard to break.

    About the coffee. I was a coffee junkie and loved mine with soy or goats milk, Now with afib I can’t even drink decaf. Giving up coffee was extremely hard. I still would like a nice cup of java but oh well, one does what one must do. 🙂

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  7. We are retired so the heading to work is over for us. Monday is just another day. We’re happy about that.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a purrfect day. 🙂

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