Scooby Spring Walkabout in the Garden (Video)

This post shows about 30 seconds of Scooby Spring Walkabout in the Garden on his lead.  He was leash trained when I got him, and is my only cat who is. My newest theory is he was raised in a family with only dogs, and never saw a cat!  For instance, when he eats off his food dish or plate, he always eats standing up, and not sitting on the floor like the other three.  Anyway, here he is in still life and action!


Who is in here?





  1. This is so cute, I am always amazed by cats who walk on leashes. My cousin’s cat goes for walks every day on his leash about the same time each day like a dog!

  2. It really is nice to see a cat on a leash. I always wanted to train mine but never began with them when they were a kitten. He sure is enjoying the walk about in the garden. Everything is lush and smells so good.

  3. dood !!!!! 984 pawz up…yur viddee oh rocked…..hay, N joyz sum out side time for uz pleez; we iz knot a loud out…well….we can go inta de garage but …talk bout boring…spesh a lee coz we canna steel de car 😉 ♥♥

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