Weekend Selfies

It is Weekend Selfies time again!  Today we have Scooby.  What is he so happy about I wonder?

Scooby cat


Smoked salmon box

Seabear Wild Salmon Box


  1. No wonder….salmon…what a weekend ;-)))

    Fantastic pic or in German words “Schnappschuss”

    Wishing you all a beautiful sunday I am sending greetings over the Ocean


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  2. Scooby, our Halvor is also a B-I-G ginger tabby and he smiles a lot too. Even his teeth are like yours. Have a super weekend. It’s raining hard here and not looking good for fishing. Cheers!

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      1. purrseidon.wordpress.com … she’s a very opinionated cat and tends to think we humans are her staff…. From 4 weeks old, her surrogate mom is/was a dog, so she is the least catish cat we’ve ever known.

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      1. We adopted Raven with a broken upper canine. It can happen if they fall and don’t absorb enough of the impact with their legs/rib cage. Then their head can smack the ground and a tooth breaks. I don’t know if this happened to Raven, but since she had an injured rib and broken tooth, that’s what we suspect.


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