Scooby and cat toys

Scooby and cat toys.

Scooby cat toys

I see some catnip dynamite and a catnip carrot in there!

scooby cat cat toys

Scooby facing fireplace

Scooby cat

These are all mine!

Not done any outdoor leash walking with Scooby.  Been pretty warm for me, Greg.  Staying in and amusing ourselves was the order of the day from Zeke Editor in Chief who made us blog-post nearly every day this week.   Zeke can be quite a task master!  Scooby on the other hand was examining his toy collection.  He thinks some of them are missing!   Misplaced more likely.  Have a good weekend everybody!

Polar Bear Thermometer

Earlier this week–Global Warming


  1. Looks really like a treasure and he is the guardian. So cute when they are playing with toys. Gismo prefers to hide and seek, as well as run after. But not so often anymore…he is a grandpa^^

    Wishing you a beautiful sunday I am sending greetings over to you all



  2. That’s in impressive toy collection. Love the polar bear thermometer reading over 90 degrees. We’ll be over 100 today, so there’s no outdoor or open window time.


  3. Happy Saturday Greg! I hope Scooby shares his toys, he’s sure got a lot of them! As always he looks adorable, however the temperature looks miserable. Hat’s off to Zeke, he did a great job during the last week. Here’s to cooler days! ~ Mia


    1. The number of toys is probably three times what is shown here, so we are spoiled. Yes, Zeke did a good job, but things may slow down a little bit this week, but that’s not my call. Saw your video (mistakenly posted) and am glad you are not “Drowning” but a dip in a private pool or paddling pool even would be nice. I got a lively video/song here for you from 1930 (Happy Days Are Here Again) you might like better this weekend.

      Have a fun weekend!

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      1. Lucky Scooby! Can they ever be too spoiled, they do bring us so much joy? Haha, at first I read “paddling” as “padded”, a padded pool, laughing at myself only because it seems like a good and safe idea! Sometimes a little down time is good, re-energizing. Thank you, Greg, for the video, I love it for so many reasons! I look forward to seeing what Zeke has in store for us next week! Thanks for the kind wishes, you and the gang please have a fun weekend too!

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        1. Couldn’t let the “padded pool” go by. It does conjure up some interesting visions. You might make a new post “The Padded Pool” and write a poem about it. Might add it to “I’m Drowning . . .” I wouldn’t miss that one! I need to dance out the door now for a while as Saturday is lookin’ good!

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  4. It’s always amazing how many toys our babies end up with. Our Little Bit had a box full of toys. It’s been hot here too and today the weather people predict it’s going to be 106°. I’m staying indoors too.

    Have a purrfect day, Scooby. My best to your peeps. ♥


    1. I have gone through the toys getting rid of some that frankly had seen their best days. Some new ones are of now interest either. I have experienced high temps in other parts of the world. It is my lack of air conditioning that makes things uncomfortable. Thanks for coming.

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