Scooby’s Relieved

Scooby’s Relieved!  The heat is gone.  We are back with highs in the low 70s–all is right with the world.  We barely both pulled through yesterday.  Watched the old zombie film with Brad Pitt ‘World War Z” together.  Scooby wanted to know if cats could be zombies.  Apparently not–at least not in this film.  Stretching out is no longer required.  It is still optional however!

Scooby cat

Scooby the Cat


  1. Wonderful news your temps finally cooled off for you! It’s so hard living in heat without air conditioning. Mom bit the bullet last week and had to buy a whole new central air conditioning system for our condo. Can’t live in Chicago without it!

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    1. Dear Christine, Notice the nice grey skies in the photo I sent today (Wednesday) of the swan in the lake? Thought the heat was going to smother me earlier and Scooby too, but we have survived. Thanks for your visit and comment dear. xxx


  2. Heat is one thing Gismo doesn’t like. He loves sun but to hot he is coming downstairs and prefers cooler places.

    Wishing you an beautiful day I am sending greetings over your place



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