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Zeke reporting!  Normally we don’t post on Thursdays but we are all house-bound!  The air quality is SO bad from the wildfires in Oregon and British Columbia blowing over us we can hardly see or breathe!  Greg got hit the worst!  He’s hacking too! Here is a photo from Tuesday on the way to the Ford dealer for warranty service.  That thing in the left corner is the sun!  Looks like we are on Venus!


Anyway, a funny thing to show you from the waiting room.

Greg was watching this home renovation program, when his eyes moved down to the sign pasted on the wall below the tv set.


He looked closer and read this!


The sign speaks for itself!

For those of you who like “true crime”, the serial  Cat Killer struck again Wednesday in the same public park he has killed in before!  The reward as of 15 August 2018 is now up to $21,000!  The victim was a white and black kitten.

UPDATE 8th victim “Peaches”  Aug 18th in Olympia WA

zeke cat soldier

Zeke handling security

Due to the Cat Killer and the foul air, the Catio is closed.

empty catio

I put the “Likes” back on the pages and new posts for everyone, though Greg was not thrilled about it,  if you haven’t noticed.

I also wanted to point out that we as policy do not reblog, press, or link to other blogs, with the only exception being Spike the Scottish Black Cat.  

If you are new or haven’t been paying attention, to find out why  read about Christine & Greg

It is warm and the house is closed to keep out the stinking air.  Headache is one thing people get breathing it, and Greg has a whopper that just won’t quit!  Greg made us promise we wouldn’t eat his face until last if he dies, and we all agreed except Opie.  Greg watched the news this morning and discovered you can make your own HEPA air filter effective to 95% just by taping a new furnace filter to the FRONT of a fan!  The air gets sucked thru the back and filtered as it blows out the front!

Scooby is bored and is trying hard to amuse himself. I will chase him later.  That’s all the news. [Zeke Editor in Chief]

Hey! Let go of my ears!

cat octopus piglet

Eat Piglet. I’ll watch!




  1. Zeke – you’re an awesome blogger. Much chattier than Greg. Your weather sounds awful. Hope the air clears for you soon. I do hope you don’t have to eat Greg. However, if it does come to that, Snoops agrees to leave the face for last. It is the least nutritious part of the body. 🙂

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  2. Oh Zeke, I forgot to mention I really like having the likes back. I just realize they work well as a bookmark too because when I am checking to see if I’ve missed any posts, if my like is not there, I missed it!

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    1. Thanks. Since so many people are using them, I guess they “like” them! We will keep them on the posts! Meanwhile Today Tuesday Aug 21 is the worst smoke day EVER! Ash is now falling from the sky as well. We remain hold up with our filters running!

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      1. OH no! I wish you guys and the whole northern area up there could have a good rain to wash all that stuff out of the air and wet down the forests and wildfires

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  3. That is so scary about the air quality there. We, over in Toronto, have been reading about all the fires going on, and it’s pretty frightening. We’ve got some out of control fires up in the northern part of our province, and we’re just thankful that we live far enough away.
    As for the cat killer, I hope he’s caught soon and punished. Frankly, I would put him in a cage at the zoo with some of the big cats, and let them give him a taste of his own medicine.

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    1. Last night when I went to bed I looked out and the moon was a pale orange! Thought I was on Mars! I got clever and have window fans with furnace filters attached by duct tape==thanks Red Green== blowing fresh air into the house so it is not stifling from lack of oxygen! Outside it is like sitting in front of a wood campfire with the smoke blowing in your face! Sort of like one of those Apollo 13 fixes, I will report anything significant about the cat killer. I am on alert! No relief coming in days. I never seen it like this before. This is Monday morning. Thanks for your comments today Donna! Say Hi to Otis.


  4. Hi Zeke, that’s cool that you can make a filter that easily. sorry that the air is so bad there. Tell Greg I hope he feels better soon. Very sad that they haven’t caught the cat serial killer yet.

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  5. We got a bit of a reprieve from the smoke today…but it is supposed to come back along with the unrelenting heat on Monday. We are loving the cool and the breeze that has blown the smoke away. And We LOVE the sign under the TV…Mom thinks she should copy it and put it up under the TV in the lunch room at work.

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        1. The question also is do they have different things going on in the left and right sides of their brains making them left or right handed? Hope you have a peaceful and stress free Weekend Audra! That includes the kitties too!

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  6. Oh my that’s a lot of stuff going on! I hope the air improves soon and the killer is caught so you can re-open the catio again!

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  7. Dear Zeke, Thursday was a busy news day. I hope you’re all more comfortable now and Greg’s headache has resolved or is a bit better. I laughed when I read the sign below the TV, there must be a story there. Very sad news, I hope they apprehend that individual soon. Wonderful tip about the fan, does it work well? Sending good wishes for a comfortable Friday for all. ~ Mia


    1. Friday morning, and cool marine air overnight blew all the smoke away! Air is “Safe”! No headaches for me or coughing. Threw open the windows–we were running low on oxygen like in an old submarine film! Air filters DO help inside quite a bit. Hope you have a pleasant Friday too, Mia.

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      1. Good morning, Greg. So nice to read the air is safe, and no headache or coughing! I do like old submarine films, thinking of one in particular. Thank you, Friday was okay. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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  8. I hope the air quality improves quickly. We have fires here in Southern California (well, lots of California), and I had ash covering my car one morning. I know someone in Minnesota…they had air quality advisories from the fires in Western Canada!


  9. I hope they catch the awful person doing that to poor kitties. Nice to see Scooby enjoying the octopus 🙂


    1. I suspect the criminal will be caught. Continuing to kill in the same area is foolhardy! Octopus is a popular colourful character here along with some of your other things. thank you again, Ellen.


  10. We had the same bad air in Northern California last week! I just hope we don’t have the fires we had last Oct and have to evacuate again! I sure hope they catch the serial kitty killer, that is beyond horrible!

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  11. I feel awful for you with all you are going through in reference to the air, that is just awful. Also, in reference to the cat killer, I hope when they find this person that someone kills HIM……….the evil monster. Happy you have your kitties inside.

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  12. Lots of fires down here and at one point we couldn’t even see the sun. Horrible. I hope Greg makes it okay. Stay inside if you can.

    Have a purrfect day all you kitties and take care of your dad. 🙂

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  13. dood…we noe sum timez nooze iz bad…N we hope de next ree port iz good nooze… bout kleen air…… N that bass terd (*@&%$ @)!*(# bee in caught…..
    a kitten ????????? now we iz reddy ta cuzz… we must hit post

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  14. I will pray you all have fresh air soon as possible. You can’t go and leave me now. Love you with all my heart. x😻💜😻💜💖💕💞🐾🐾


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