Cougar Mania Re-edited

“Cougar Mania” celebrates our 9th Anniversary!  You see, 9 years ago Christine and I  both started blogging at the same time!  I saw Christine’s blog and bravely and fatefully asked if she would like to see my blog.  She did. We became blogging friends and correspondents, and more!

“Cougar Mania” was an early post I wrote where Christine wrote her first comment.   She was my only follower and hers was my only comment!  I backed up the old blog before deleting it, so it is only on my computer.  Reading this again, seems like only yesterday that I wrote the post.

Cougar Mania

9/4/2009 1:33:09 PM
Cat face The number one story is still cougars roaming about Seattle. One is believed to be in a park which has been closed off. A trap has been set in hopes of catching it and relocating it. A report of a 5 year old being attacked in far northeastern Washington was reported. He was not alone, and saved, with cuts on his face. The interesting thing about cougars is they attack even if you are not alone. It’s like they just pick what they think is the weakest member of the herd and take him out! That attack was probably 250 miles away.
Cat face The news posted the list of what to do if you are confronted by a cougar. There is some humor to this.
1. Pickup small children
2. Don’t run. (This I think should be number 1. Running automatically activates the cougar’s pursuit and attack instinct!)
3. Talk sternly to the cougar! (I’ve never heard this before! “Bad cougar! Bad cougar, go home!”)
4. Make yourself look BIG! (In a preview of the new Jay Leno show some may have seen, Jay shows an actual picture of what you should do. There is a cougar standing in front of a guy on a rock. The guy on the rock opens up a long coat he just happens to be wearing very wide, like he is “flashing” the cougar! I wish I had a picture! #4. Flash the cougar!
5. If it attacks, fight back–scream kick whatever. Don’t play dead, or you might wake up without a face! Cougars like to eat your face.
Cat face There you have it folks–valuable information you can use at home! (Depending on where you live!)

christine CARROLL – 9/5/2009 9:26:33 AM
sounds really funny some of the advice liked your answer to no.3 and 4.It must be scary though if you came face to face with one.The wee boy was lucky.


Happy  9th Anniversary to us!

Public comments are closed on this post today.  I already received the only comment I really wanted.


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