Wordless Wednesday: Bunk Mates

Scooby Zeke sleeping

Scooby and Zeke in top bunk. Note the red catnip “Dynamite!” stick behind Scooby’s back!  They may be “nipped out”!

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Marigold cat



  1. They are both at the very edges of the bed. Scooby with head hanging over the edge and Zeke with feet scrunched up against the backboard… yup, those positions are what cats consider comfortable!

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  2. Nipped out is so funny. Never heard of a catnip dynamite stick. Yours are so cute sleeping on the bed.

    I grow 3-4 catnip plants each year and then dry the leaves and also give my cats fresh green catnip. They happily chew up the leaves but my nearly all my cats are over 12 years of age and are not vey playful but they seem to enjoy the greenery.

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      1. Hmm. Maybe there is too much rain. Not sure why you can’t grow it. I have average soil and the catnip grows tall and lush. I buy the young 4 inch pots in the spring. But it will come up from seed that dropped the year before. This year I dug up the ;little plants and moved them to where I wanted a new small garden to grow. Transplants must be watered on a routine basis until a good root system is established and there after during dry spells.

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