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Merry Christmas II

Is this not a Merry Christmas II? Early in the year everyone was panicked they were going to get the virus and cleaning everything, wondering if they would make it to Christmas! Now vaccines are being distributed already in the USA and hope is alive! We spent most of the time at home in isolation as much as possible. The measure of a good year for us was always getting through the year without a cat fatality. It isn’t birthdays but how many Christmas’s you had that matters. Many cats this year have crossed the bridge sadly–some I have followed for a long time. I will miss them all. Looks like my three have made it through another year again which is a blessing. Opie and Zeke have been with this blog from the very beginning of it. 2020 is almost gone into the history books. Rejoice! Below Opie is having a “bad Santa hat” day!

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Christmas Means. . . . (Traditional) Repost

Christmas Means is one of my favorite posts of all time. Here you will see Marigold, who passed in January 2019, again, along with a new photo or two I have added. It’s good for a second look if you have seen it before, and if this is your first time here, welcome and enjoy! I can’t seem to improve on this post so I just keep putting it up.


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