New Box

A new box arrived today.  Scooby could sniff something like nip inside, and tried to get into the box.  Sorry, Scooby, you cannot have your presents early.  They are for Christmas morning, but you can play with the big box when it is empty.  (I am practising with the “new” and “improved” editor for WordPress.  Why are the things that are supposed to make things simpler always harder?  I was trying to load the photos below as a “gallery” of 4, but I got no clue now.)  Christmas this year will be a bigger affair for the cats this year, it looks like.  I been getting my shopping and mailing done early.  Have you?

sc00b7 b0x
Scooby checking out the new box
Scooby on box
I need to get in!
Scooby cat in box
Scooby can’t wait to get in
Marigold cat in box
Marigold wants her turn in the big box
Greg signature


  1. Scooby loves the new box! I’m waiting on using the new WordPress until people stop complaining. People are saying it’s a good idea but no one is saying how they love to use it. There still seems to be a gap between the concept and the usage. I expect people will be popping out tutorials soon.

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