Christine’s Calendar Cat for April 2019

Opie is my Love Christine’s Calendar Cat pick for April 2019. The calendar was a present made by Christine and Spike, and sent late last year for use this year. Opie is an internet favourite. Christine has been sending calendars to me for many years now.  I hope she never stops making them for me.

Opie April Calendar
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  1. Opie looks awesome. Christine does a wonderful job with the calendar.

    (I caught up? wow, I did. I am now current on your wp posts …. now i have to catch up on bloglovin, lol)

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    1. Christine 💘 has full access to all my photo collections and does the choosing. The calendars are always a surprise for me. I am flattered you looked at everything, Mary. Thanks! Just don’t get behind again or Scooby’s Outlaws may show up at your door!

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