Road Trip

Looks like Scooby and Zeke are planning an unauthorized “Road Trip”.

Scooby in backseat
I have to think about this
Scooby in car backseat
Who left paw prints on my clean seat?

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Zeke cat car
What are you doing back there?
Opie in car
Hide! someone’s coming!
Opie in car
Be very quiet!
Zeke cat car
zeke in front seat of car
Cats Scooby Zeke in car
All Clear! Time for a road trip!
greg clipart signaure
signature greg


  1. Zeke is saying hey look at the pedals down here. What if we pushed them? Scooby keeps watch out the window in case Dad comes out to check on them. Good thing they haven’t figured out they need the keys yet.

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  2. You guys ROCK! I, Marvelous have been on one road trip and I hid in my Carrier both ways! Ninja has been on loads and he tells me that cars are fun! And it looks like you guys are having fun!

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    1. Dear Crystal,
      Good eye spotting the flag, but why is it on the garage wall instead of in the house? The answer is it is my flag that they gave me when I retired from the Air Force. I am quite alive! A “funeral” flag is much bigger and will cover a coffin. The funeral flag would neatly fill up the display case I have shown. I have one of those flags that was for my father. Yes, the cats are found out all right! Thanks for your comment.


  3. Oh how cute. I like how Scooby is standing looking out the window and how Zeke is sitting in the passenger seat. One time years ago, Chelsea got into the garage and when we opened the door to let her back into the house, she was sitting in my Mom’s convertible (the top was down) It looked like she was getting ready for a ride! 🙂

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