Scooby and the Vacuum Revisited / Squirrel

Several years back I posted these videos of Scooby and the vacuum. Since there are plenty of new people browsing around the Feline Cafe–no masks required, I have posted these today to once again illustrate that Scooby likes the vacuum. He is a real annoyance as you can see trying to vacuum as he won’t even get out of the way for it. He likes to play with the wand as well. So there you have it– video and audio proof! No, he is NOT deaf! No matter how quietly you try to open a tin of cat food, he can hear it and come running out of a dead sleep! As a bonus, today I add a video of my clockwork squirrel on the dining room table. He goes much faster if he is wound up tighter, but I am afraid to break the spring. If you do not have audio working, you can hear the squirrel chew his nuts. His eyes used to roll around but alas no more!

I add yet another photo below of Scooby from Jan 4 2020 where he predicts what the year will be like for us all.

Scooby's Prediction for 2020
Scooby’s Early Prediction for 2020
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  1. Can’t remember seeing the video of Scooby my dad used to Hoover his Siamese. Great photos and great to see Mr Squirrel again. Thank you. Stay safe my love.x😻💜🐾

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  2. Hi Greg! What a love Scooby is, I suppose you need to protect him from strangers that want to hold him or pick him up, he has such a special and gentile demeanor and soul. I adore cats that are not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, I think they are the exception rather than the rule. Thank you for sharing the lovely videos of Scooby and the photo, I feel very much the same, buried. Wishing you and the kitties well. Please stay safe and enjoy your evening and Sunday too. Sending warm wishes, Mia.

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  3. Hissy Old Licorice (a before cat) LOVED the vacuum cleaner. He was a long hair and he LOVED having his furs vacuumed. So much so that every time you turned on the machine he would roll around your feet until you spent 20 minutes suctioning him. Nellie, Kozmo and Marv have had the typical reaction! Scooby Rocks!
    Your squirrel is pretty cool. I have a “sometimes” working Monkey that rides a tricycle when you wind him up. About the same vintage.The old windup toys are so cool!

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  4. I was thinking the squirrel would be more valuable at an antique toy auction, but then the toy market is so fickle. I used to collect antique wind-up toys, until an old Mickey Mouse that I got from an uncle a zillion years ago was broken by one of my own children. I don’t blame the child, but I realized then that the toys weren’t very sturdy and had to be stored securely, something I couldn’t do in our then-small house.

    Was Scooby’s refusal to come out a sign the year was going to be bad? Because I’d say he was right on the money!

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  5. Eric used to enjoy being vacuumed on very low suction. Flynn would run and hide, but that would most likely be due to the near miss with his tail once when he was behind the sofa, and I only saw him at the last minute.

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  6. Great videos, Greg! I love how Scooby is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. I’ve never seen a cat that wasn’t afraid of one. Leave it to Scooby! He is soooo cool! What era is your squirrel from? I’ve never seen one of those! (I used to collect toys)

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    1. The squirrel is a “Cragstan Mechanical Squirrel”. He lives in his original box. He came one Christmas to my little brother. I cannot remember when but most likely late 1950’s. Why he is not seriously broken and in my possession I do not know. I googled him but no definitive date was mentioned on the ones I saw. Someone recently sold one in the box for $28 with a torn ear. Scooby has never been afraid of anything which I think is a bad thing not good. He does not know to fight or run or hide or anything and anyone can pick him up.

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