Another Happy Valentine’s Day

Another Happy Valentine’s Day! Or at least it would be if my “valentine” and I were together. Today I decided to repost some of my father’s valentines which he had saved. After he died I found a large collection of cards in a box he saved as a child from different holidays. Valentines were the most numerous by far. These run from 1917 to 1928 but most are from the early 1920’s. None have envelopes. I knew some of the relatives whose names are on the cards. Some of the other valentines may be the only artifacts left behind on earth to show someone lived. Due to technical WordPress difficulties, this is not the entire set, but it is a large representative sample. If you haven’t seen them I hope you enjoy them, and have a great wonderful Valentine’s Day all you very lucky couples out there! Over 60+ valentines are shown below.

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  1. guyz…happee bee lated heartz day oh lovez; we haz been off de grid fora few

    dadz; …dadz…. cardz iz AWESUM and in MINT conditionz …thanx for sharin, we N joyed see in em all; we hope dad haza way ta pre serve theez…sum oh de FSG gurlz momz cardz was veree fra geel two ! 🙂 ♥♥♥

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  2. These are wonderful ! I have my Dad’s postcard album (he was born in 1902). Thank you for sharing these ! Happy Valentine”s Day !

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  3. Those valentines are so precious, they don’t make them like that anymore, it’s too bad. Thanks for sharing them and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  4. I never ever get fed up of looking at these Valentine’s cards. I imagine what it would be like receiving one of these cards or sending one we definitely don’t get verses like those now. Wonderful keep sake. Love Christine xxx

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  5. WoW! Greg! What an AWESOME collection, Thank YOU for sharing it! It is too bad that you and Christine are not yet together. “In true love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged.” —Hans Nouwens.
    I send you both LOVE and Strength. Have a marvellously AWESOME Valentines Day!

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