Scooby the Snow Cat

Scooby the Snow Cat. Everyone should know by now that Scooby is a snow cat. He likes going outside in the snow. When he finally comes inside he finds a nice warm spot and goes to sleep. This is the beginning of a big winter storm moving west to east across the United States. More snow is falling as I write this. Fortunately we have all we need and just sit inside enjoying the view. Looks like what Christmas should have looked like. I still have my Christmas cards stuck on the wall! Think I’ll leave them up.

Zeke says: Look at Scooby!
Scooby the Snow Cat in his Tartan (dog) harness!
signature greg


  1. Scooby, you look wonderful in your tartan! Enjoy the snow handsome kitty. We have snow here in Texas for the 1st time in 2 decades and I bring in little snowballs for the cats to bat around, that’s how we enjoy the snow here – MOL!

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  2. You look very smart in your tartan harness, Scooby.
    My boys enjoyed going for walks in the snow too on the rare occasions that we got it.

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  3. Atta boy, Scooby! Looking at your pictures of you in the snow beats my son’s pictures of his Honda buried in the snow. He was grousing that he was late for work because it took him so long to clear the snow off enough so he could drive it, Hope you and Greg stay safe and warm!

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