Focus on Zeke (2)

Focus on Zeke (2) presents a few nice photos of Zeke. He is also referred to here as “Zeekers”! State law says he must have a rabies inoculation and be registered like a dog, and wear his tags at all time. He just had a new inoculation. Too late to hide now! It is funny how the cats yowl all the way to the vet inside the car, but when they are returned to the car, they don’t make a sound. They just seem to know that the worst is over and they are going home. Zeke is a Maine Coon and the one cat here that is always on the prowl for human food. He likes to try everything though he doesn’t like everything. His paw is lightning fast like a snake and can whip something right off your dinner plate! He likes his blankets.

Zeke on piana
Flashback Christmas 2009
Zeke the cat sleeping
Zeke sleeping
Zeke and Yoda
Zeke and Baby Yoda
Zeke 2017
Zeke hiding
Zeke keeping warm hiding
Zeke in catio
Zeke in catio on foggy day
Zeke the cat
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  1. Aww Zeke is so cute! Foster does the same thing on the way to the vet and then quiet on the way home. Here we only have to register dogs, but I always get Foster’s rabies shots even though he doesn’t go outside. He is also chipped. But the part about wearing his tags wouldn’t go over well because he’s always been averse to anything around his neck.


  2. Zeke is a handsome boy. Your state is strict in having to wear the tag. My cats are all like that too, meow the way there and quiet the way home. They also have no problem getting into the carrier at the vet. 🙂

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  3. Zeke is very handsome. Flynn would scream all the way to the vet and all the way home again. Eric just folded his arms and gave an occasional tiny mew.

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  4. Yas! I love Zeke! The way his nose is almost all orange except for that one little corner is so interesting. I’ve never seen another cat like that. I’m still surprised cats have to wear their rabies tags there. In CA they don’t even need a rabies shot unless they go outside, and even then, the vet asks you if you want one or not! I wonder what the laws in MA are (I am moving to South East MA next month) I best look it up beforehand! 🙂 Great photos, Zeke! 🙂

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  5. I love looking back on Zekes beautiful photos. I have been trying to fix my aol. Hugs,love to😻💜🐾💜💜

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  6. Ditto Sunny: she screams like she’s being taken to a sacrificial site when I drive her to the vet’s, but on the way home she falls asleep in the carrier. Either she’s exhausted from the exam and pokes, or she knows she’s headed home where Mom will give her treats and say stupid stuff like, “Now that didn’t hurt at all, did it?”

    Zeke is a very handsome boy!

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