Zeke on Tuesday test selfie / FIXED!

Zeke on Tuesday test selfie. He volunteered. We been having weird problems (see previous post). Wanted to see if posting still was going OK. Happily we can log into our own blog. I am suspecting strongly today it has something to do with the internet browser as far as logging in goes. I did make a few blog comments today but they (WordPress) were tricky. Then I discovered the problem. MY browser Firefox was upgraded with a new security feature blocking third party cookies and by default it was on. I learned I could disable it for specific websites in the address bar very simply and everything went back to normal commenting wise. One of the blogs with no images works but the other still doesn’t. UPDATE: If I refresh the browser, it works! Close enough for me. So anyway, here is Zeke chilling out on the sofa.

signature greg
signature greg


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