Scooby and the Ghost Closet

Scooby and the Ghost Closet. “Scooby you are being bad again. You are not supposed to be in there.” “I know, but I thought I heard something,” Scooby says. Look in the upper left hand corner of this photo and you will see someone wearing glasses, wearing a suit jacket and a tie, like a 1950’s rock and roller. Who could it be and why is he in the closet? “Neither one of you should be in there so get out the both of you!”

cat and ghost
Scooby and the ghost
ghost outline
ghost outline
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    1. Whenever I was sick as a child, my father would buy me one or more comic books. I have them all today. They are well read and none will make me a millionaire. They range generally from the 1940’s thru the 70’s when I stopped buying them.


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