All Scooby

All Scooby. Today we see Scooby in the window; Scooby liking the big green blanket on Dad’s bed; Scooby sleeping in OPIE’s bed with her animals which makes her very angry and screaming; Scooby helping dad put together a new vacuum cleaner–Scooby likes being vacuumed (!); and finally a BONUS photo of Mt Rainier taken through a fence from a moving car–Seeing it I know we are heading home!

Scooby in the sun
Scooby in bed
Scooby in OPIE's bed
Greg and Scooby and new vacuum
Signature Grreg
signature greg


  1. A fine selection of Scooby photos! Of course, any photo of a ginger tabby kitty automatically is fine and Scooby is a fine specimen of the kind. Scooby’s looking great today!

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  2. Scooby! You are a tease with Scobie’s animals. Lovely photo of the sun on the snow on Mt. Rainier.

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