Super girl and Super man (cats)!

Super girl and Super man (cats)!

super Marigold cat

Super Marigold


Super Scooby

Super Scooby “But I don’t wanna be Superman!”

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Christine’s Calendar Cat Pick for August 2018

Zeke is Christine’s Calendar Cat pick for August 2018. The calendar was a present made by Christine and Spike  .She has been sending them to me for many years.

Zeke August Calendar Cat

Zeke August Calendar Cat

Scooby’s Relieved

Scooby’s Relieved!  The heat is gone.  We are back with highs in the low 70s–all is right with the world.  We barely both pulled through yesterday.  Watched the old zombie film with Brad Pitt ‘World War Z” together.  Scooby wanted to know if cats could be zombies.  Apparently not–at least not in this film.  Stretching out is no longer required.  It is still optional however!

Scooby cat

Scooby the Cat


Happy 5th Blogversary

Happy 5th Blogversary to us here on WordPress.  The Feline Cafe blog started in 2009 on Blogger with the same name. Things have changed as far as blog platforms and what is cool are concerned.  I will turn you over to Marigold and she will explain a few things. (There is a reason for using this image!)

Marigold cat

Marigold caricature used for announcements

Marigold here, although I don’t really look myself do I?

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Mt Rainier

Mountain Monday on Nip

This Mountain Monday on Nip post shows Mt Rainier earlier this morning taken on my early morning bicycle ride  It is going to be a hot one all week nineties F and I don’t have air conditioning.  I can look at the glaciers while I sweat!  There is some telephoto here as it is 36 miles away as the eagle flies.  If it erupts you can probably kiss our furry little asses goodbye!  At least I will have a good view!  Scooby is getting his nip time early before it gets hot and he sleeps all day! Big day Tuesday!

Mt Rainier

Mt. Rainier WA

Scooby nip nana

Blurry eyed Monday with NIP (Scooby)


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