Happy Birthday Zeke (and Opie!)

Happy Birthday Zeke 13 years old. Time for the old trolley photo to come out again. Zeke is helping himself to the treats today.

Slow down! I think the guy on the bike has my treats in his bag!
Nom Nom (No heads were stuck making this post)
Opie calling in: What gives? You forgot MY birthday in April!!! I am 13 too!
There better be some treats left for me!

Blogging Break

Taking a “Blogging Break”. Don’t know how long. Here you can see Zeke trying to sneak onto Opie’s bed hiding he thinks behind the cat bed and not be noticed. I think he wanted to check out her food bowl. She knows he is there. Scooby makes an appearance.

Zeke ane opie
Zeke and Opie
signature greg
signature greg