Calendar Girl June 2018

Opie is the Calendar Girl June 2018.  The calendar was a gift from Christine



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Pals 2

Scooby and Zeke are pals.

scooby zeke

scooby zeke

scooby zeke

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zeke scooby catio

GDPR Update

A message from Zeke the Editor in Chief: Notice to free bloggers. There is a new Akismet Privacy Notice you can add below your comments box. Go to WP ADMIN / Settings / Discussion, and you should see it in the bottom half of the page. Just tick the box for it. Should look like my comment box.

Letter from the Editor GDPR

zeke editor in chief


Zeke here.  I am in the back-room of the Feline Cafe sorting through lots of papers, and I have some thoughts to share with you on GDPR.


First off, some people are in a panic over this GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) from the EU.  Others never heard of it!  Don’t panic.  They are in force TODAY!  The law covers the entire world!  Not just the EU, but the entire world!  Any foreign site a EU member clicks on is bound by the the data collection and disclosure rules backed up by stiff monetary fines–so the EU says.  You get fined if you don’t comply.  Sounds like a great money making scheme to me.  How many millions of websites are there in the world?  The idea the day after implementation they are coming after you, hobby blogger, is unrealistic. If you sell things, you have a little more to worry about.  If you have a WordPress blog, here is a link to the May 14 WordPress Blog GDPR update that tells what WordPress has done and is doing.  See:

WordPress Blog GDPR updates

I see blogs and paid business blogs have new plugins for you to install.  They say the free blogs like mine are going to get taken care of as well.  The blog says it will happen in the next few Weeks. A “new cookies and consent banner” is now in widgets.

I found another long but somewhat readable post about the GDPR, what it means, and suggestions what to do at the following location:

What the heck is the GDPR and how to make sure your blog is compliant

Some people are under the notion that making your blog “Private” so only invited subscribers can visit will solve the problem.  That would only be true if you excluded EU members from your blog.  Simply allowing members to comment on your private blog collects their data and makes you bound by the rules.  As far as the “Likes” are concerned, the likes are a difficult and complicated subject to address.  There are lots of “spammy” likers who just “like” me and hope I will click on their “like” and visit their spammy website.  I decided to turn “Likes” off. Are the EU privacy police going to come knocking on my door or yours over “Likes”?  Not like-ly!

Comments of course collect name, URL, and email addresses.  A consent button to collect this data for the commenter is coming out for this.

Next week we will find something new to panic over!