National Cat Day USA 2014

Germania Kalender 1916

Germania Kalender 1916

National Cat Day falls on Oct 29 every year here in the USA.

Today I shall mention National Cat Day. It was created in 2005 by Colleen Paige. She wanted to draw attention to all the homeless cats in the USA that need help and new homes. Many millions of feral cats roam the country. A million or more are killed in animal shelters, because they cannot find homes for them all. Animal shelters are reducing adoption fees on cats, or eliminating them altogether today, to stimulate the adoption of cats today. Cats and their contribution of human society should also be celebrated!

Marigold I got from an animal shelter. Opie and Zeke were from a litter of feral cats, I took home.

Today we begin with extra tasty breakfast for all. Later, toys will be distributed and dangled! Catnip will be dispensed! Let the festivities begin!