Zeke the Shiek / “Toby Jug” book review / Deer me!


Zeke is doing his Rudolph Valentino impression. Valentino made the silent film The Shiek in 1921. Here he is below. I see the resemblance!


TOBY JUG book review

I managed with some difficulty to obtain Denis O’Connor’s newest book about his first cat “Toby Jug”, a Maine Coon, whom he saved in 1968. The book is printed in the United Kingdom.

TobyJug & Garfield 100_2786N 550 px

The author was a teacher and lecturer with a PHD in Education and Psychology. His bestseller “Paw Tracks in the Moonlight” (U.K.) or “Paw Prints in the Moonlight” (U.S.) dealt exclusively with his relationship and his adventures with Toby Jug. His second book “Paw Tracks at Owl Cottage” dealt mainly with the other Maine Coon cats he adopted over the years. A few stories about Toby Jug were included in that second book. Now, in this third book, the author recounts exclusively tales in the life of Toby Jug at the age of 3 years old.

If you read the first book, and miss Toby Jug, this is a must read for you! Once again we experience the charms of the Northumbria countryside and the rustic Owl Cottage during the late 1960’s, where the author and Toby Jug resided. There are adventures in the countryside with various animals, excursions to interesting places, a supernatural encounter, and difficulties during stormy weather. Toby Jug also makes a close friendship with a new horse!

The book can be read first without reading the others, but I would recommend reading them in order. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Does the author have enough memories to fill a new book about Toby Jug? I can only hope.


I take a daily walk every day down this road.

street photo nmd

On my right, down a path, I notice an animal.

deer photo 2

Upon looking closer, I see there are two deer.

deer photo 1

They came out of the stand of trees. They do not want my company, and walk away.

deer photo 3

Since the above photos were taken, I have seen them before. You just need to keep your eyes open!

2 deer

2 deer

2 deer

2 deer


The road to Nowhere



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