Feline Café News Thursday August 27 2015

It is official now. The Oxford Dictionary has added the term “cat cafe” to its lexicon! It also added “beeroclock” and “manspreading” which makes me want to cover my eyes, along with a host of other terms I never heard of. Here is the official entry: “cat cafe, n.: a café or similar establishment where people pay to interact with cats housed on the premises”

cats eating breakfast

cats eating breakfast (ghost free) in their usual places

Here we have a photo of Zeke, Marigold, and Opie having their morning breakfast. They are in their usual eating spots. They are not too close together. If they are close together, heads move from one bowl to the other, in order to see if anyone has something better! The truth is that they all do not always get the same thing, and I try to keep that a secret! An interesting side-note is that the blue “Drinkwell” water fountain in the lower right is NINE years old! I credit the long life to the fact I do not run it at night, and I clean it out EVERYDAY. I also change the filters. Enough said.

Finally, I have to apologize for some of the “breakfastbarfing” quadruple free advertisements WordPress insists on posting for me below my entries. I am particularly put off by the closeups of toes and scalp diseases. If they put up pet products instead, I would have no issue with them. They do it on purpose to see if I will crack and send them a check. Finally, is “breakfastbarfing” a real word or should it be?





  1. The question was asked elsewhere, why are there 3 cats and 4 food bowls? The bowl no one is eating out of is filled with dry, hard, kibble or biscuit cat food. That bowl ALWAYS has food in it. If I am not at home; if I am asleep–they can eat something if they are hungry. They like the canned “wet” cat food best. That is what they are served at meal times. They gather around when I serve it. That is why there are 4 food bowls!


  2. So glad “cat cafe” has an official entry. And thanks for the pic of your personal cat cafe….which should be a place where cats eat.
    Did you know there is plans to open one in Seattle called The Seattle Meowtropolitan? https://seattlemeowtropolitan.com/

    I actually don’t see any ads on your blog….and I don’t pay them for an ad free site.
    Do you get ads on my blog?

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    1. I had to check your site one more time. I have never seen an ad on your website. I see them on my website frequently. Like hallucinations, they come and they go. I have assumed everyone else sees them all the time. And yes, I have heard of the Seattle cat cafe. That might be a question to ask, do you see any ads?


      1. I see a little box at the bottom of my post that says “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here”. I have never seen one there myself and wonder if my readers ever do.
        I see ads on some other sites and many commercial websites that have nothing to do with what I’m looking at….usually for places I have shopped or they think I might like. Ha, darn computer trying to pick my brain.

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