Thursday sunrise in the catio

zeke and opie

Waiting for the sunrise

zeke and opie

Waiting for the birds and squirrels to awaken


Zeke on watch





        1. Too small to be comfortable to sit in the way it is now. There is no outside door. I would have to crawl out the window. Click “catio” tag for more views. I may go bigger. I have been looking at what other people have done. I cannot go real big.

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          1. I have a mental image of you climbing out the window, cup of coffee in hand to enjoy the sunrise with the cats.
            And I rethought the catnip plants. Although really easy to grow (they die back in winter and come back in spring no matter how badly you treat them….they are in the mint family). Mainly because you will have all the neighborhood cats wanting to visit.
            I once tried planting it in a window box many years ago and in the middle of the night heard this major crash on my deck like someone was trying to break in. A neighbor cat had jumped up on the box and it couldn’t take his weight and the entire thing, I’m sure cat and all although he had disappeared by the time I got out of bed and got the back door open, came crashing to the floor of the deck.
            Okay, I do know it was stupid to throw open the door in the middle of the night to investigate a sound like someone breaking in. Probably wouldn’t be so foolhardy these days. But I figured the sight of the crazy woman with wild bed head would frighten away all but the most persistent burglar.

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