“Truce” is about Opie and Scooby. When Scooby arrived in October, Opie hated the sight of him. She would not be in the same room with him without walking about growling. If he made eye contact with her, the volume of growling would increase. If she ate in the same room with him, she would growl while she ate! Scooby ignored all this noise, and likes to chase her around which makes her madder! She runs with her tail up, which I think sends a mixed signal. She will be in the same room with him now, but eye contact initiates growling. Yesterday I caught them sitting near each other facing one another. Before I could snap my photo they looked away, and I missed the shot I wanted, but they are sitting near each other. Maybe one day the growling will cease.

Medical update: Scooby is still in remission from diabetes. The tree pollen had him sneezing, so I have been giving him cat lysine chicken flavor treats which may have helped as he has stopped. He also got cat acne on his chin, so I replaced the plastic Drinkwell water fountain with a nice porcelain drinking fountain. I also wash his face after he eats if necessary. The acne has pretty much gone away as well.

Opie Scooby

Opie (bottom) Scooby (top) Truce



  1. Lieber Greg,
    musste den Text kopieren und übersetzen. Hast du keine direkte Übersetzung mehr auf deiner Seite mehr?
    Ist schwieriger wenn ältere Katzen zusammenkommen. manche mögen sich schneller, andere nie. Hoffen wir dass Opie doch noch gefallen an Scooby findet.
    Der arme Scooby. Er ist ein sehr empfindlicher Kater. Toll wie du für ihn sorgst und ihn pflegst damit er es gut hat. Einfach schön.

    Liebe Grüsse und alles Gute


    1. Liebe Julia,
      Ich habe geglaubt niemand die direkte Übersetzen braucht. Ich habe eine Fehler gemacht! Heute wird es wieder da sein. Scooby hat immer Pech! Ich weiss nicht was ihm heute geschehen wird!

      Eine gute Wochenend wÜnschen wir dir und die Katzen!


  2. I am glad Scooby is doing well, I keep him in my prayers. I hope Phoebe and my feral, Brody can come to a truce. He wants to be friends and she hisses at him and scares him back upstairs.


  3. Glad to hear the sneezing stopped.. but the lysine has been pretty much proven as to be ineffective in the treatment of feline herpes.


  4. I’m sure their relationship will improve, or at least co-exist. Sadie will initiate play with Ringo, but when he plays she’ll hiss at him and growl. It’s quite ridiculous. FYI, if the kitty acne returns, Amazon sells something called Duoxo pads (like stridex for animals). They work well.

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  5. Greg, Scooby & Opie are just like kids! The new one not liked by the older one. Same thing happened to my new dog Charley. Sammy, the older one, openly disliked him. The change to like was gradual, and it happened. They are pals today. Not to say it’s a loving relationship always! There are spats to break up. Just like kids! 💛 Elizabeth

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