Lawn care

Lawn care is required, as the weather is beautiful, sunny, and hot. The grass grows quickly. I must get my lawn tractor out to mow it. This is easier said than done.

Opie on tractor seat

Opie: I want to drive!

Scooby on tractor seat

Scooby: I want to drive!

opie cat

Opie: Why do I always have to ride in the back?

Opie Scooby catio

Time to put aside differences and rest



    1. He is not afraid of the lawnmower. I have yet to find anything he is afraid of or startled by. He does not defend himself if attacked by another cat. I do not understand how he got to be this way. His previous life is a mystery.


  1. They always want to help or sit on something you are getting ready to use. They do something sit on my clothes when I lay them on the bed to get dressed.

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