13 October Scooby gotcha day

October 13 is Scooby’s Gotcha day!  I cannot believe we have had Scooby here for one whole year! What a wild ride! He got sick and almost died earlier in the year, and we have been fighting less serious medical problems. But, we are glad we brought him home. Zeke is especially happy he is here, as he needed a male playmate. The girls did not like rough-housing.

Scooby the cat

More Scooby’s follow:

Cats Zeke and Scooby in catio

Zeke and Scooby in the catio

scooby sleeping

Scooby sleeping

2 cats

Scooby and Zeke

Scooby the cat and nip nana

Scooby loves his nip nana!

zeke scooby

Zeke and Scooby

scooby and zeke

zeke scooby

Zeke Scooby


  1. Lieber Greg,

    wie die Zeit vergeht…wow. Schön das Zeke und Scooby Freunde geworden sind. Katzenfrauen mögen es nicht so eng mit Katzenmänner. deshalb sind Freundschaften unter Katzen meist gleichgeschlechtlich. 🙂

    Alles Gute für euch.

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  2. Alles Gute Scooby….die Zeit vergeht immer so schnell und es ist so schön zu lesen das es ihm nun so gut geht. Er wird dir immer dankbar sein und belohnt dich mit seiner Liebe.

    Herzliche Grüsse


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  3. Happy Gotcha Day Scooby! I am so glad you gotcha’d such a loving home. I hate to think of what could have happened if you were sick at the shelter, I doubt you would have gotten such high quality care.

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