Springtime in the catio with Scooby

This post is titled Springtime in the catio with Scooby, because it shows Scooby outside in the catio on a sunny Spring day!  What more could Scooby want?  I will tell you, he sees me outside and is excited because he wants me to bring him outside with me so he can walk about on his lead.  Sadly I am working outside and Scooby must simply watch from inside the catio.  I have no time for him now.  He struts back and forth on the upper shelf, and then begins marking the wire.  I have never seen anyone do that before.  I guess he is staking out the top shelf; but, I have bad news.  Opie spends hours sitting and sleeping on that shelf, and she will not be happy sharing it with Scooby’s spit!  The catio was built using some scrap materials, which is why it is a bit of a mish-mash.

Scoob in catio


Scooby in catio

What kind of a face is this?


Scooby in catio


Scooby marking wire catio



  1. Great photos it’s definitely why can’t I come out and join you🐾🐾🐾🐾 honestly I would help you🐾🐾🐾

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  2. Aww now that’s just great! Sunshine and a catio! Scooby is so adorable! Very lucky kitties to have such a wonderful place.
    Hope Opie won’t be too upset with Scooby for rubbing his scent all over the top shelf wire😸
    Murli marks the wire screen on our windows like that too.
    Have a great Friday!

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