Scooby’s first walkabout on his leash this Spring

This post shows Scooby on his first walkabout on his leash this Spring!  It was a pretty nice day, and he needed some new mental and physical stimulation to keep him in shape.  He weighs 14 pounds which is ok for his size.  Zeke is featured in this post as well.  He never goes outside.  He would rather hide under the bed, but the catio is the exception as he is safe.  He spots a new visiting cat which keeps his mind occupied!

Scooby on lead

Scooby trekking through the long grass. The sun is bright

Scooby on lead

He knows where he wants to go

cat flowers

Look up and smell the flowers!

Scooby on rock

I think I may move on from here

Scooby on rock

Wonder what is over the fence?

Scooby at catio

I know this place. Who is in there?

Scooby Zeke catio

Hi Zeke!

Zeke and Scooby catio birdfeeder

Sorry Zeke, I have to go! Any birds in the bird feeder?

Opie Scooby

Scooby says, time for a rest! Opie says, why can’t I go out?

cat on fence

Zeke spots a new visiting cat. Never seen this one before. It jumps down behind the fence.

We will resume our weekly posting schedule of a post every Wednesday, unless something very interesting happens on another day.  Blog visits will continue throughout the week.

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  1. I knew someone who was out walking his cat on a leash and it went deep into a bush. He was standing on the sidewalk talking to it when a neighbor came past and he realized she’d just seen him talking to a bush.

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  2. What a beautiful walk! Scooby must have enjoyed it so much😺 Feeling the soft grass under his paws, smelling all the different scents and seeing pretty things. Love the Catico as well! Zeke watching from there is so adorable. The purple flowers are beautiful btw. This turned out to be such a sweet photo with Scooby smelling the purple flowers.
    The weather is finally getting warmer here. Normally it would have been between around 80F back in mid March, or early April. So now Murli has all the windows to hang out and get fresh air and watching everything that goes on in the street from two big windows, or watch the birds from the other two windows.
    We wish you a pleasant day and hope you and the cats are all doing well!😺

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    1. Scooby was out again a few days ago but no pictures as it would be very similar to what is shown. I don’t know where those flowers came from as I do not remember planting any. Scooby has a pretty long sleep after being outside. Zeke spends much time in the catio on watch. The visiting cat has not been seen again–at least not by me.

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      1. I had a feeling this could be flowers that grew wild ☺️ Maybe a bird or another animal transferred seeds from somewhere else. The most interesting flowers grew on their own around my patio, back at our previous apartment.
        Your cats have a beautiful home and life!
        I always wonder about cats roaming the neighborhoods, and hope they have a good home they can return to. If I could, I’d probably have a house with a huge garden and adopt as many cats I can😸

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    1. He slipped out the front door once and took off running until he came to a big tree he wanted to inspect. Then I pounced! It was a close call. On the harness he is very well behaved. He is micro-chipped and has an ID tag and county license, as cats must be licensed, on his collar.

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  3. Hey Scooby, what kind’a harness is dat? It looks purretty cool. We don’t think we’ve seen one of those befur. You sure look cute and like you’re havin’ a good time. Hey Zeke luv your catio. you all have fun. We don’;t know why all of ya’ don’t get to go fur a walk. Well, ‘cept Zeke, we unnerstand not wantin’ too…sort’a. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  4. sun???? You have sun down there?! Send some north, please. I’ll trade you some rain.

    Good to see Scooby fitting right in like he’s lived there forever!


    1. WE are always happy to get some fresh air outdoors. What we like best is to go out in the catio at night, when someone forgets to close the window! We sit outside very quietly, so no one knows we are there. Then we see many new creatures outside!


      1. I think I have seen some of those with her outside.
        I did have an image in my head of you being herded by all of your cats attached to various leads. Ha, ha.
        Can’t help but think of the Superbowl add a few years back that was herding cats. 🐈

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  5. Whew! Nothing like walking a cat! That was a very interesting walk, and I must say I’ve always been partial to ginger tabbies after having had one (the late, great Louie the Ginger Cat) in my life. He took me on walks (no leash!), and this walk with Scooby brought back many happy memories of Louie and where he took me on his walks!

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