No love lost

Scooby loves Opie, but Opie does not love Scooby.  Here we have Scooby blocking the exit of the catio.  Opie is wanting him to move out of her way, but he won’t.  I defused the situation by pulling Scooby inside so Opie could come in.  The eyes speak volumes.

Opie and Scooby in catio

Opie and Scooby in the catio

But when the situation changes, there is no consideration for others by Opie.

Marigold and Opie catio

Marigold and Opie

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, They look so adorable. We hope they all learn to get along and luv each other. ‘Specially while enjoyin’ da pawsum catio. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  2. Rory and Mac seemed to get on quite well most of the time. There is a neighbour cat that Rory doesn’t like though – we call it The Nemisis. They sit hissing at each other through the patio window

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