Scooby relaxing in the catio

Scooby cat sleeping

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    1. I got him from the shelter in Oct 2015. He had many medical problems. I wonder what his life was before. Today he is in good shape and always very happy and friendly to all.


    1. Thanks for your comment and the follow. If you search this blog for “catio” you shall see more photos. The catio was built by me I think in 2001. That was for another generation of cats which has passed over the “rainbow.” I do not know if people were making them then or not, I got the idea because there was a dog door cut into the side of the house my cats were using. I decided at one point to make them indoor cats after coyotes ate my next door neighbor’s cats. The cat run as it was called then would protect them and let them go “outside”. I just got some wood and scraps together and started nailing. That;s my advice. Draw a picture, get some wood and wire, and start nailing! I would have commented on YOUR latest blog post, but I could not seem to find a “comment” form.

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      1. Thanks for the likes! I have comments disabled on my blog because I didn’t want to monitor everything etc. So that does kind of mess it up for legitimate readers who want to say something. But thanks for thinking of it ! 🐱🐼😊

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  1. Well I’ve never seen such a happy contented cat the photo says it all.I bet Scooby s thinking …Oh this is the life,im so glad daddy human took me home that day….So many Cat years ago…x🐾🐾🐾🐾😻😻😸😸💕💕💕

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