Scooby says Christmas comes in a box!  No, Scooby.  There is much more to Christmas than Boxes.

Scooby box




  1. *lacht*….könnte Gismo sein, der liebt auch Kartons und muss natürlich immer sofort gucken oder reinspringen wenn ich die Weihnachtsdeko hervorhole.

    Viele Grüsse


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  2. Love the pic of Scooby. Looks like he is in anticipation. I have always wondered why cats are attracted to boxes because all of mine have always loved getting into a box. I think you are smart to avoid stores if you can.

  3. I have also learned the joys of The Fed Ex man and I are on nearly a first name basis. Now if I can just get Diavolo to greet him at the door.
    The Fed Ex man puts the box( also all food) on the seat of my rollator so that I can roll it into the storage area.

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    1. He won’t be that exciited. It is completely full of cat food cans. I could not lift the box, but dragged it inside and there is where it stopped. Later I put all the food away. I am trying to avoid as many stores as possible

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