Starring Marigold

Marigold does not always get the all the air time she deserves.  She was arrested by Animal Control at the age of 4 while roaming the mean streets of Tacoma, Washington. She is the only cat I have with “street smarts”. She is going on 15 years old now.  So, here she is:

Marigold christmas tree

Marigold Christmas

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Christmas means . . . (repost from 2013)

This is one of my favorite posts for Christmas 2013. Few people saw it then as this blog was new, so I shall put it up again today. Maybe it will become a classic! Or maybe not.


What happened to the chair? It has been torn to pieces! This is not what I want to see in the morning.

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Zeke on Christmas card

Christmas means . . . (2015)

Christmas tree and train

Putting up the Christmas tree and train set

Christmas tree and train

Christmas tree and train

Marigold wearing Santa hat

Wearing Santa hats

Zeke in snow

Playing in the snow if we are lucky

Zeke and Marigold

Playing with your friends

Zeke and Verty cat

Remembering old friends (Verty RIP)

Scooby computer

Working on our Christmas blog

Zeke and Marigold playing with feather

Playing with danglers

Opie playing in box

Playing in boxes

Zeke on Christmas card

Sending Christmas Cards

Zeke and Opie under tree

Meeting under the Christmas tree

Christmas cat sock

Hanging up your Christmas Cat Sock