Wordless Wednesday

Greg Scooby Marigold

To Scooby, Marigold says: I was here first! Greg’s lap is mine! It is TV time!

Scooby loses in all conflicts or arguments.

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  1. Das schaut irre aus….man könnte meinen sie schaut in einen Spiegel^^ Tolle Perspektive.

    Wünsche dir und deinen Samtpfoten einen schönen Tag und sende liebe Grüsse rüber



  2. I have been through that many times over the years of my long history of being owned by cats.
    Since both of my current cats are close to 15 lbs each there is no room for both. I’ll have to try what I used to do years ago. Put a blanket over my lap and legs in the recliner. One of them has the lap and the other will be in the “hammock” created by the blanket between my legs. We’ll see if that works.
    I don’t really feel sorry for Scooby here as he seems to get lots of other perks…like walks in the yard on a pink leash.


    1. Too warm for blankets for me. Scooby does get more attention and things and treats than the other three put together. He is a special needs cat I would call him. I also say he was “touched by the Great Spirit”, and other times I describe him as running in his head “DOS 1.0 period. That is why he gets the attention. Thanks for the comment Micheflle.

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