Who is in the sky?

Who is in the sky?

cloud photo

Look closer!

Zeke in the clouds

Zeke in the clouds

Zeke is just away on an Astral Flight.  He is fine and will be back in his body again soon.

zeke sleeping


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    1. Thanks for liking this, Mia. I been holding on to these photos wondering when to post them, and since Halloween is coming up, although not scary, it is supernatural, so I plugged it in here. Normally don’t post on Halloween day, but this year I am! Got in the spirit and turned everything orange as well. Having a quiet Sunday which I need. Hope yours is satisfying.

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  1. Hmmm. I looked at the clouds before scrolling to the second photo. I saw a cat in the upper left hand corner way up there in the cloud formation that you did not superimpose.

    The second pic is great however and plum genius of you. But look closely and see if you see what I see/saw. 🙂

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