Tenting tonight. Tenting tonight.

♬ Tenting tonight.  Tenting tonight.  Tenting on the old Camp Ground.

Marigold cat tent


Opie tent




Zeke cat tree

Zeke: Where is my tent?

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  1. Happy campers. Spike has a blue tent he could bring that along.The more the merrier. Hugs and Purrs. Love You All.💜😻

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  2. These are some really cute photos. CAts just love to be inside something and the cubes make the perfect place for them to hide and or sleep or just merely look out at their surroundings. I have used some much like your cubes/tents but my cats used them for a while and then got tired of them.

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    1. Yes, they get tired of toys so I put them away and get others that have not seen the light of day in a while out, hoping they forgot about the old ones and find them interesting again. Moving the tents into totally different rooms increases interest. Sometimes it is just the place they are tired of. Thanks for your comment Yvonne.

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