Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train Is Coming

via Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train Is Coming

Today we are joining “The Blessing Train at Dezizworld” and hopefully hooking up our custom car!

felinecafe blessing train boxcar

Blessing Train

So, what blessings are we carrying as cargo?

1. We are blessed by being all warm, safe, and secure in our own home with full tummies.

2. We are blessed with very good health.

3. We are blessed by having a few true friends.

4. We are blessed by being loved.

greg clipart signaure




    1. Go to the link I have, and find and save the image of the red boxcar. Without altering it’s size decorate it anyway you want. I am sure you are better at that than me. Then write your blessing post adding your decorated car. Leave a link to your post in Dezizworld “comments” section, or “press” the post and leave a “trackback or pingback” like I did. (In Settings/Discussion be sure trackbacks/pingbacks are enabled.) Then, as I understand it, on the next Sunday Audra wiill add your car to her train. Guess I will see Sunday tomorrow if I got it right! thanks Crystal for your visit and comments as always.

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    1. Greg often loses sight of his blessings because he doesn’t look around often enough to see the conditions of others, but today we tried to wake him up a bit with a free ride on the Blessing Train. Thanks Sandee for your visit and comments.


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