Independence Day by Ann Adamus


Happy 4th of JULY! We are “pressing” Christine’s greetings from Spike today. Zeke the Editor is joining in as well. Have a happy and safe Fourth! Remember, the majority of us all originated somewhere else! Today we should all try and live together in harmony in that great social experiment known as America!

SPIKE the Scottish Black Cat

Spike the Scottish Black Cat
Happy Fourth from Zeke the Editor in Chief
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Scooby on Katzenworld TRT #250!

You may view Scooby joining Katzenworld TRT #250 today! This is not the first time, but it is a new photograph!

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NOTE: New post featuring the two boys tomorrow Wednesday!

Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train’s Chugging Along

Over on Deziz World, the Blessing Train is getting MUCH longer. VIA:

I got my car on pretty early. Christine got her car on on this post Sunday. She made a fine job of decorating it with herself and Spike. We were sorry our cars were not hooked together. Visit and see how many of your friends are there. Maybe you can hop on yourself!

felinecafe blessing train boxcar
Blessing Train
Christines blessing train car
Christine’s Blessing Train Car
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felinecafe blessing train boxcar

Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train Is Coming

via Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train Is Coming

Today we are joining “The Blessing Train at Dezizworld” and hopefully hooking up our custom car!

felinecafe blessing train boxcar

Blessing Train

So, what blessings are we carrying as cargo?

1. We are blessed by being all warm, safe, and secure in our own home with full tummies.

2. We are blessed with very good health.

3. We are blessed by having a few true friends.

4. We are blessed by being loved.

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SPIKE’S A WINNER / SPIKE UNHAPPY WITH VISITOR is the hottest news from Christine in Scotland. She is a lucky lady!  Comments closed here on the Feline Cafe but open on Christine’s.  Give her a visit please, my friends.  I would really appreciate it!


via Spike not happy with visitor

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