Craig and Spike

Graig and Spike

For a feline friday post I press this post from Christine’s Spike the Scottish Black Cat.  Spike and Graig have an interesting relationship.  Graig is Spike’s neighbour.  Sometimes they get along and sometimes they do not!  Here we see quite a few photos of them in a photo gallery getting along outside


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Zeke summer birdhouse

Guest Post Feline Café

The following link takes you to a guest post I recently did on another blog.  One error I cannot correct on it today is that I started blogging 9 not 8 years ago.  I also want to say that I did not mean it to sound like a sad story!  No “condolences” or “sorries” please!  My life right now is very happy and promising.  “Likes” are off which is the norm here now, and comments are off, because  I want you to comment on the original if you are so inclined.  I WILL be watching and replying as I always do there!  NOTE:  I do not have comment approval authority there, so you will have to wait for Crystal to approve them before I reply. Also happy first day of Summer!

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