Blessing Train

Today we are “pressing” Lexi, Audra and Dezi’s Blessing Train instructions for this year. Visit dezizworld .Here is our entry for this year.

blessing train boxcar
2019 Blessing Train boxcar

UPDATE Dec 2 2019 see link The Blessing Train Begins!

Christine and I are linked on the train! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train’s Chugging Along

Over on Deziz World, the Blessing Train is getting MUCH longer. VIA:

I got my car on pretty early. Christine got her car on on this post Sunday. She made a fine job of decorating it with herself and Spike. We were sorry our cars were not hooked together. Visit and see how many of your friends are there. Maybe you can hop on yourself!

felinecafe blessing train boxcar
Blessing Train
Christines blessing train car
Christine’s Blessing Train Car
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