Opie World

Opie World is just a selection of Opie pictures from around the house.  Opie does not get all the press she deserves, especially since she is the “boss” of the clan, and works very hard to keep Scooby in line.  She is pretty much a “loner”.  So let us just get going:

opie cat tree

opie cat tree eating

opie cat tree

opie in sun

opie floor

opie cat bed

opie on table

Opie lion eating
Opie the little lion
Opie bath tub
Opie by catio entrance by bathtub


    1. Opie does not eat with the others. She eats on the cat tree. She gets her own favourite food the others rarely get as well delivered. It is good to be the boss! Probably better than Greg World or Mia World! How the situation evolved I do not know. Thanks Mia for your visit and comments!

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  1. Christine and Greg – Opie is such a beautiful cat with her markings and we noticed her ear tufts!! She must have some Maine Coon in her, like me, so she is one to take charge! Happy New Year to you all. – Tom x

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