Christine’s Calendar Cat for February 2019

Marigold is my love Christine’s Calendar Cat pick for February 2019. The calendar was a present made by Christine and Spike (Christine & Spike), and sent last year for use this year. Little did we know that Marigold would not be with us in February. This is a good tribute to remember her by. She died 17 January 2019. Her photo here is from August 2017. Seems like yesterday. Christine has been sending calendars to me for many years now. I hope she never stops making them for me.

February Marigold Calendar
signature greg


  1. Aww Marigold. She was so cute with her lion cut. Great calendar by Christine. I look at pictures of my late girl Chelsea from just a couple of years ago and it does indeed seem like yesterday that she was still here & healthy.

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    1. I know exactly the feeling. I have countless cat photos, and I am glad I have them. Seems the older I get, the faster time goes by. A week goes by in the snap of the fingers. Even my young life in the 50’s is filled with detailed memories. Thanks for your visit and comment, Dee.



  2. Beautiful Marigold I always thought one day I would meet you and pet your gorgeous fur. Rest in peace sweetheart. Hopefully lots more calendars to look forward to my love.x😻💜🐾😻

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