Snow Day

Today in the Pacific Northwest, we are having a “Snow Day”. Schools are closed. People are driving around crazy sliding off the road and getting stuck. We at the Feline Cafe are already where we need to be so no worries. How to spend the day is the question. Snow falling and cold outside. Zeke was the first and only cat to rush out into the catio. He always has to be first outside to check on the weather conditions and also check for birds and other trespassers. Opie being a clever girl stays put in her favourite window on the second floor where she has a warm commanding view of the back garden. Scooby, on the other hand, is always game for a walk-about on his harness. Got his penguin snow hat out, as it is cold and snowy and out we went. Photos follow:

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  1. Hi Greg, it’s wonderful to see Zeke and Scooby in the snow! Scooby is adorable in his attire, quite dapper. What a good sport, he must be very good-natured. Opie has the right idea, staying a safe distance from the snow and she’s probably warm too! Lovely photos Greg! Thank you for the smile! ~ Mia

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  2. Aww, Scooby! That is a cute snow outfit! Though I’m going to agree with Opie: if there’s that much snow on the ground, I’m staying inside, especially since I threw out my old snowboots when I left Minnesota.

    My son in Olympia sent me a picture of his Honda Accord buried in snow. I asked him why he didn’t park it in the garage, and he said his housemate had turned it into a woodworking shop. I didn’t tell him to move all the woodworking tools out onto the front yard. Stay warm and dry, Greg.

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    1. I shovelled one side of the driveway since there is only one auto, and now I am inside warming up. Scooby is out asleep for the next few hours. That cold fresh air will put you right to sleep. Gonna have some hot chocolate in a few minutes. Doesn’t show in these photos but looks like six inches deep I reckon. I was stationed in Maine years back so, it is no big deal for me. Have another Lead & Harness post of Scooby I haven’t got around to posting with a video. It is a “dog” penguin hat, harness, and lead. He cannot wear those tiny ordinary cat clothes. I got him from the shelter already leash trained. Should make room in Olympia garage for BOTH tools and motorcycle! Thanks for your visit and comment Hangaku!



  3. These pictures are absolutely precious! Or “purrecious”! I’ve never seen a cat in a snow hat before let alone one that actually goes out on a leash in the snow! Adorable, Scooby! Looks like he went back inside just in time for a warm nap. Zeke looks pretty happy too in his Main Coon coat too. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 PS: Really cold here too, going down to the 20’s tonight, but I doubt it will snow (Santa Rosa, CA)

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