Sad Grey Rainy Day Scooby

Rainy Day Scooby shows Scooby just staying in the living room, watching the fireplace, which helps get the damp feeling out of the air. The rain and grey skies continue. He is sorry to hear “Grumpy Cat” crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week; it will be a sad grey day around the world with Grumpy’s absence, and looks like a somber, quiet day for Scooby, at least for a while. . . Cheer up, it’s “pizza Friday” at all the schools today! I know you don’t go to school, but maybe we can find you something nice to cheer you up! Think I have a new bag of treats in the cupboard!

scooby cat fireplace
Rainy Day Scooby
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signature greg


  1. Meow meow rainy day Scooby wee too are furry sad ’bout Grumpy Cat….shee was so lovelee…..
    An Crockett of “Lone Star Catss” had an accident an hee went to Purr Land Monday…this week has bin ruff…..
    May mee come sit bye THE fire with you Scooby???
    **sad purrsss** BellaDharma

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